Salty’s Signatures

Ube French Toast


Crispy French toast filled with ube cream, topped with condensed milk espuma and fresh berries

Chicken Waffle


Belgium waffle topped with crispy fried chicken, served with honey chili crisp, sweet gochujang glaze and maple syrup

Smoked Salmon Platter


Beet cured and smoked salmon, sliced tomato, pickled red onion, kimchi cucumbers, crispy capers, charred scallion cream cheese, toasted bagel

Siu Mai Dumpling


Shrimp and pork filling, wrapped in a tender dumpling and steamed, topped with orange tobiko and served with chili crisp oil

Korean Fried "Chikin"


Crispy chicken thighs, sweet gochujang glaze, scallions, sesame seeds, Fresno chili, micro cilantro

Spicy Tuna Pocket


Spicy tuna, soy paper, avocado, red tobiko, Japanese bonito flakes, toasted sesame seeds, eel sauce, micro shiso

Sashimi Platter


2 pieces of each                                                                                                                                          Yellofin Tuna, Norwegian Salmon, Japanese Hamachi

Green Tempura Roll


Soy paper, kani krab salad, asparagus, avocado, spinach, wasabi tempura flakes, yuzu juice, white truffle oil, micro cilantro

Salty Flame Burger


Double smashed Angus beef patties, caramelized shiitake mushrooms, Swiss cheese, white truffle aioli, crispy wonton, arugula, black sesame brioche bun, served with fries

Udon Carbonara


Fresh udon noodles, thick cut Nueskes bacon, Hondashi parmesan cream, soy cured egg yolk, Szechuan peppercorn

Salty Flame Fried Rice


Chinese sausage, scrambled eggs, carrot, red cabbage, edamame, baby corn, crispy red onion, Thai basil